10 Things You Can’t Miss in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is one of the most popular vacation spots in the world. For good reason too: There’s simply so much you can do there. From natural experiences to cultural experiences to heart-pounding adventures, the Caribbean has it all. They’re extremely friendly to foreigners and most tour guides are happy to share their authentic opinions on what it’s like to live in the Caribbean. What are 10 things you absolutely can’t miss in the Caribbean?

1) Walk in the Clouds

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to walk in the clouds? In Puerto Rico, the Pico Del Toro offers the view of a lifetime. It’s the highest mountain in all the Caribbean. You can enjoy the Pico Del Toro any time of day, but keep in mind that it does get cold. Wear warm clothing that’s waterproof, as the precipitation and rain can be drenching.

Pico Del Toro also offers a sunrise that you’ll never forget. The sun’s rays reflect off the clouds in Pico Del Toro to create a dazzling light show befitting of this majestic mountain.

2) Take Your Own Sub Underwater

It’s not technically a submarine. It’s called a “Scenic Underwater Bubble,” or SUB for short. Offered by the Nassau SUB Bahamas Adventure Tour, the SUB experience really is like being in the water in a submarine. You get to explore coral reefs, see fish up close and interact with marine life all from the comfort and safety of your bubble.

3) Pet the Sting Rays

In the Grand Cayman, there’s a stretch of sand where stingrays often congregate. Go with a stingray tour group and you’ll be able to swim with the stingrays, see them up close and even pet them with your hands.

4) Dive With Sharks

Most movies show sharks as scary, malicious creatures. In real life, they’re usually anything but scary. When they see humans, their reaction is often either fear or curiosity – And often both. The Caribbean reef sharks in Nassau’s coral reefs will often watch divers warily as they draw close. Divers get to watch the sharks, while the sharks watch the divers. A truly incredible connection with an underwater creature.

5) The Trinidad Birds

Trinidad is one of the biggest hub spots in the world for migrating birds. You can find all kinds of different bird species here from all around the continent. Spend a day or two just watching birds and you’ll see all the colors of the rainbow on birds’ wings.

6) Go Caving

Go visit one of the many caves in the Caribbean. You’ll get to see all kinds of incredible rock formations, including limestones that seem to glow and magnificent formations of stalagmites. In a particularly dark area of a cave, try shining your flashlight to the ceiling. The way the light reflects back often looks like the night’s sky.

7) Learn to Surf

There aren’t many beaches in the world that are perfect for beginners. In order for a surf spot to work for beginners, the waves need to be slow enough that beginners don’t get discouraged from getting knocked over too often. However, the waves also need to be strong enough that beginners have something to work with. The waves at Barbados offers exactly that: The perfect surfing conditions for the first timer who wants both positive results and a bit of a challenge.

8) Try a Jamaican Zip Line

Take the Jamaican canopy tour for a heart-racing experience of nature. You’ll fly through forests, over animals, between trees and laugh the whole way through. You’ll fly about 45 feet in the air with the whole thing guided by trained professionals.

9) Swim in a Water Fall

The Seven Sisters Falls is a full force gushing waterfall that you can swim under any time of year. It’s a fantastic place to have a water fight or to go on a hot day to cool off.

10) Swim With Dolphins

The Dolphin Cay allows you to swim with dolphins – With a unique twist. Most dolphin experiences in other parts of the world require you to actually try to paddle and keep up with the dolphin. That’s nearly impossible and most people lose the dolphin after a short period of time. At the Dolphin Cay, however, you can use a water scooter to help you swiftly navigate the waters and play with the dolphins in their own turf.

With so many adventures to choose from, there’ll never be a boring moment on your Caribbean adventure.

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