Things to do in Lafayette tonight

Things to Do in Lafayette Tonight!

Perched on the edge of the Vermillion River in the southwestern part of Louisiana, the city of Lafayette exhibits a curious blend of French, Spanish and Caribbean heritage. The legacy of this urban sprawl dates back to the 1700s which marks the earliest settlement in the area by French-speaking Canadians.

Owing to this factor, you can witness an unmistakable bearing of Cajun and Creole cultures in amidst the increasing rise of modern amenities of life. The soul of this parish resides in its vibrant culinary traditions in addition to its regal art scene. Another remarkable facet that adds up to the dynamic character of Lafayette is its highly charged, effervescent nightlife.

Here’s a List of Things to Do in Lafayette Tonight!

  1. Nightlife

What accentuates the charm of Lafayetti nights is the involvement of foot-tapping Cajun music signified by accordions, fiddles, drums, harmonicas, and guitars. Evidently, a festive spirit invariably pervades the nocturnal air of Lafayetti. Sounds alluring, isn’t it? Before you start wondering more, let’s give you a rundown on the many nightly adventures that you may embark on while in Lafayette.

To begin with, downtown Lafayette is full of a multitude of bustling nightclubs, lounges, pubs, and bars. Marley’s Sports Bar & Grill, Corner Bar Lafayette, Arcadian Bar & Grill, The Jefferson Street Pub, Pamplona Tapas Bar, Nite Town, and CLUB Z are a few of the popular spots that you may visit.

i. Marley’s Sports Bar & Grill

Marley’s Sports Bar & Grill is situated on Jefferson Street in downtown Lafayette and remains open till midnight throughout the week. The entrance to this pretty bar will greet with a signboard that says, ‘In Lafayette, Nobody’s Ugly After 2 a.m.’, if you know what that means! Apart from offering wide screen plasma TVs for you to enjoy your favorite match, Marley’s is also known for its exquisite orchestration of music. You can also engage in a friendly chit-chat with the bartenders who are quite proficient in their vocation.

ii. Nite Town

If you’re a party lover, you can perhaps opt for Nite Town. However, this lively club opens only on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. They feature live music every Friday and you might not want to lose the chance of grooving to the tunes of local bands. Apparently, Nite Town is one of the most favored partying venues in all of Lafayette.

iii. CLUB Z

Similarly, you can drop by CLUB Z which many people visit frequently.  Regardless of sex, age, color, or economic standing, this place welcomes visitors from all walks of life. That being so, you come across college-going youngsters, sophisticated businessmen as well as gay couples, all huddled up at the same place drinking and having fun. CLUB Z has a spacious area for dining and is thus suitable for those looking to explore the indigenous cuisines of the region.

iv. Arcadian Bar & Grill

Into the bargain, Arcadian Bar & Grill comes off as a viable option if you’re travelling with your family. You can unwind over a stimulating pint of beer while your kids busy themselves with the countless video games that are available here.

v. Corner Bar

Whereas, for all the health enthusiasts, Lafayette brings to the table its very own Corner Bar. Operated by a renowned athlete form the South, this place serves as a meeting hub for running groups, cyclists, and walkers. Most importantly, this place is smoke-free and the staff keeps a tight rein on its hygiene. So if you’re a clean freak, this place will assuredly fail to disappoint you.

  1. Food – Jefferson Street Pub

In terms of food, you may prefer stopping by The Jefferson Street Pub. It is acclaimed for organizing the customary Bach Lunch. Their most recommended dishes include Carrot Soup, Red Beans and Sausage Poutine.  The latter has found its way into many hearts across the globe. In a like manner, Pamplona Tapas Bar presents mini plates of farm grown delicacies in addition to boasting of an eclectic mix of world-class lunch and dinner entrées. They mainly specialize in Spanish cuisine with a twist of local flair while including an assortment of creative drinks.

  1. Other Things to Do and See in Lafayette

    i. Downtown Alive in Spring and Fall

Having relished the myriad flavors of drinks and edibles, you might next want to infuse your ears with the sweet harmony of local melodies at Downtown Alive. Hosted by the Lafayette Downtown Developmental Authority every year in Spring and Fall, this exuberant concert series is a real treat to your heart and soul. Dance to the soft beats of country music as you hold your partner in your arms and relive that thrill of ‘first love’. This festival brings together locals and travelers in a convivial setting, encouraging them to mingle and create new relations.

        ii. Blackpot Festival, October

On the cultural front, Lafayette is prominent for the Blackpot Festival that it coordinates in October. It goes on for two days and nights. It incorporates live performances across diverse genres from jazz to blues, Cajun to Americana, Zydeco to Irish. The Blackpot Festival is best known for its signature old-fashioned black pot cook-off that lends the festival its name.

Furthermore, there follows accordion contests, square dancing games, jamming sessions, apart from camping and traditional diversions. The festival is the outcome of a joint effort of south Louisiana musicians, artists, and southern cultural zealots, drawing an unprecedented congregation of audience from every nook and corner of the planet.

With such a plethora of amusements at one’s disposal, it is natural for one to go round the twist. Now that you are acquainted things to do in Lafayette tonight, and the many possibilities to explore in and around the city, how about planning your upcoming vacation there?

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